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Unique Art Drop Miami: "Girl in Shiny Dress" – A Unique Piece with a Global Journey.

Girl in Shiny Dress painting by Iggy Red, mixed media on wood with red spray paint background"
Girl in Shiny Dress painting by Iggy Red, mixed media on wood with red spray paint background"

Welcome to the first installment of my Art Drop series! I'm thrilled to share the story behind this special painting and how you can become its new owner.

Unique Art Drop Miami

Painting Details:

Title:Girl in Shiny Dress

Size: 1.5 x 1.5 feet

Medium: Color pencils, acrylics, oils mixed media on wood Background color Red spray paint

Created by: Iggy Red, 2018

The Story Behind the Painting:

"Girl in Shiny Dress" is more than just a piece of art; it’s a journey encapsulated in vibrant colors and mixed media. This painting was born in the lively streets of Copacabana Antioquia, Colombia, in 2018. Inspired by the rich culture and energetic, beauty and vibe of the women Copacabana , I used a combination of color pencils, acrylics, and oils on a wooden canvas, with a striking red spray-painted background to bring it to life.


From Medellin to New York City:

After its creation, "Girl in Shiny Dress" traveled to New York City, where it was exhibited at the renowned Festival de la Flores NY. The festival celebrated the cultural fusion and artistic expression of flowers and and Colombia Culture, making it the perfect venue for this piece. The vibrant energy of New York and the cultural essence of the festival added new layers of meaning to the painting.


The Miami Art Drop:

Now, this painting has made its way to Miami, a city known for its diverse art scene and vibrant culture. My goal is for "Girl in Shiny Dress" to find a home in Miami’s Design District, an area synonymous with luxury, creativity, and innovation. The painting will be wrapped and ready to frame, waiting to be discovered by its new owner.

Art Drop Location:

Where: Corner of the Louis Vuitton store in the Design District, Miami.

When: [Specify date and time if applicable]

Why: If you’re looking for a unique art piece with a rich history and a vibrant story, grab this ART DROP!


Call to Action:

Don't miss the chance to own this unique piece of art with a story that spans continents. Follow me on Instagram @iggyredart for more updates on upcoming art drops and the stories behind my creations. Share your find with #IggyRedArtDrop and become part of the journey!

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