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iam iggy

i like to paint all kinds of things, i use alot of red and right now 2023 hit the streets of miami with the first moving art gallery.

Hey there, I'm Iggy, a Colombian artist on a journey that's all about passion, determination, and embracing the color red. You see, red isn't just a color for me—it's the embodiment of the fire that fuels my art and my dream. From Colombia to Miami and beyond, my art is a reflection of my heart and soul.

I've always been drawn to the streets, the people, and the fashion that surround us. It's from these vibrant elements that my unique style of figurative street art emerged. I learned the ropes in the streets of  Miami. This education gave me the tools to blend culture, personal experiences, and emotions into every stroke of my brush.

I'm not one to follow the conventional path. No, I like to break barriers and redefine what art can be. It all started with my "Gallery on Wheels" concept.


Imagine taking art to the streets, making it accessible to everyone on Miami's Lincoln Road. That's what I did—because art shouldn't be confined to four walls.

Then came an old house near 23rd Street and Biscayne Boulevard in Sweetwater. I turned it into a haven of creativity, a place where innovation thrived and artistic boundaries were shattered.


My move to New York City was a game-changer. I transformed an ordinary elevator in an old building into the "Elevator Gallery." It was a bold move, symbolizing my determination to make art everywhere.

Orlando witnessed the birth of the "Iggyred Gallery" on International Drive—a fusion of murals and creativity that set the city's artistic pulse racing.

which lead me Back to Miami, to create "garage sale Gallery" at 27th Street and Le Jeune Avenue showcased my unapologetic approach to art.


I even took my passion to Medellin, Colombia, where the "Casa de Nacho Gallery" bloomed, adorning the city with vibrant murals.

New York City beckoned once again, and my art took center stage at the Colombian Flower Festival. The energy, the red hues—it was all a testament to the heart that beats is in every piece I create. And then there's Medellin's El Poblado, where "La Escalera Gallery" became a canvas for my growth and exploration.

Now, I've set up the captivating "Yardsale Gallery" in Coral Gables. This is where my journey has led me—a place where passion, determination, and artistry converge. So, welcome to my world of art colored in shades of red—because for me, it's not just a color, it's a way of life.

now the miami art scene will me in my moving art gallery?

well the world is not so kinda sometimes to artist that do things out of the ordinary. to keep it short and simple i was told to take my outdoors art studio down and since i live in a 8 x 10 room  i cannot keep my art with me. 

so i am going to go with my art to the world and see what this new art journey has in store for me.

Contact Me :iggyarts@gmail or DM on instagram

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