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bike art gallery

the bike gallery is my way to bring my art to miami, its my  very own miami art gallery. I'm iggy , and I'm a miami based colombian artist, and the owner of the first Bike art gallery in miami , actually the first moving art gallery, i would have to say.  I created  iggyred  moving art  gallery because i cant get into any art galleries for some reason and the ones that do take me charge me money. i want to believe that GOD is closing doors to open other doors, myabe this miami  bike art gallery is my  path to becoming Miami Famous 🎨🌴 and this could be the way to inspire people to express their individuality and follow theirown dreams , onlly time will tell . I'm a firm believer that art is more than a  piece of framed canvas hanging on the wall or  following  the newest trend, or the most expensive piece of art in a gallery, but rather a frame of mind of how you want to present yourself to the world. 

thats why created the follow the red mindset which  = follow your heart. 

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