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how we nailed a budget friendly beverage brand.

Logo design + Brand Identity

Emerald Isle


Emerald Isle Beverage Co. was in search of a high-quality, branded product along with an impactful sell sheet to introduce their beverage company to the local market.

Emerald Isle


The Emerald Island Beverage Company, in its inception as a startup, envisioned a logo that would encapsulate the essence of their Jamaican drink experience. After careful deliberation and creative exploration, the chosen emblem expertly captures the spirit of their offerings. The logo prominently features a tall glass, elegantly poised to showcase the unique way they serve their beverages in Jamaica. A dynamic splash emanates from the glass, symbolizing the vivacity and freshness inherent in their drinks. This carefully crafted imagery not only embodies the company's commitment to quality but also conveys the refreshing and invigorating nature of the Jamaican beverage culture that the Emerald Island Beverage Company proudly brings to its customers.

Emerald Isle


The label for the Emerald Island Beverage Company exudes a delightful Caribbean charm. Centered around a vibrant lemon, the label showcases a lively splash, vividly capturing the essence of real fruit freshness. Set against a green faded background, the design evokes the lush landscapes of the Caribbean. A sleek green metallic rim adds a modern touch, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics. The incorporation of "Deliciously Caribbean" serves as both a tagline and a promise, encapsulating the rich flavors and tropical allure that define the company's beverages. This label is a visual celebration of authenticity, freshness, and modern elegance.

Emerald Isle

Sell Sheet

Our strategic sell sheet design not only amplifies awareness among distributors but also effectively communicates the myriad benefits and product line extensions of their exceptional juices. our visually engaging sell sheet serves as a powerful tool, seamlessly conveying the brand's commitment to quality and the enticing world of Caribbean flavors. D

Emerald Isle


the creative force that brought Emerald Isle Beverage Co.'s vision to life. Through an ingenious mock-up, we've not only introduced them to the market but positioned them as a longstanding contender. This goes beyond design; it's a game-changing strategy, enabling them to compete head-on with established players. Iggy's design alchemy ensures that Emerald Isle Beverage Co. isn't just launching a product; they're making a bold statement in the beverage arena."

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