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queen hold wand in painting


Follow the red is about  Following Your Heart  a celebration of individuality, dreams, and the boundless possibilities that arise when we dare to listen to the whispers of our hearts. 

Art collection!

 The Queen is a mixed media painting that’s ideal for any art enthusiast or collector. It’s a striking painting of a queen with a bold red background that represents power and confidence. The piece is made with acrylics, oils, spray paint, stencils and protective resin coating, providing texture and longevity. At $998, it is a unique piece that you can treasure for a lifetime. Take a look at my other collections and make sure you don’t miss our sales and updates.

the red art gallery

Art has always been my language of the heart, and here at the Iggy Red art gallery, I invite you to join me on a journey of emotions and purpose. My artistic endeavor is fueled by a passion for infusing life with the color red – a symbol of energy, purpose, and the beating heart within every creation.

the bike art gallery

"Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

bike ad gallery.jpg

the bike gallery is my way to bring my art to miami, its my  very own miami art gallery. I'm iggy , and I'm a miami based colombian artist, and the owner of the first Bike art gallery in miami , actually the first moving art gallery, i would have to say.  I created  iggyred  moving art  gallery because i cant get into any art galleries for some reason and the ones that do take me charge me money. i want to believe that GOD is closing doors to open other doors, myabe this miami  bike art gallery is my  path to becoming Miami Famous 🎨🌴 and this could be the way to inspire people to express their individuality and follow theirown dreams , onlly time will tell . I'm a firm believer that art is more than a  piece of framed canvas hanging on the wall or  following  the newest trend, or the most expensive piece of art in a gallery, but rather a frame of mind of how you want to present yourself to the world. 

thats why created the follow the red mindset which  = follow your heart. 

-iggy red

artist and owner of the first Bike Art Gallery in miami.

🚀need design work

 if you're dreaming of a standout logo, envisioning groundbreaking product or design work contact me.

queen hold wand in painting

follow the red

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