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Healthy just got fun ! A Journey in Redefining Healthy Snacking in Miami"

logo design + Brand Identity

Chia Ballz


Chia Ballz Co. is A healthy dessert, that was started from the ground up. the company wanted an overall identity that would stand out in the local Miami healthy food market

Chia Ballz


This logo is more than just an image; it's a story. It's the embodiment of the brand's personality—fun, simple, and eye-catching. Each element, meticulously hand-drawn, captures the essence of Chia Ballz Co. and its commitment to making healthy snacks a delightful adventure. It is an iconic representation of our journey to redefine snacking, celebrating the courage to be different and the joy found in every bite of Chia Ballz."

Chia Ballz


Chia Ballz Snack's label, was designed with future branding in mind.
The minimalistic package, featuring the distinctive smiling chias , serves as an emblem that not only stands out but also ensures instant recognition, a testament to our commitment to timeless design.
The minimalist packaging philosophy aligns seamlessly with our commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Not only does it reflect a contemporary design ethos, but it also ensures that Chia Ballz Company's resources are allocated wisely, allowing them to focus on delivering a high-quality, healthy snack experience without compromising on affordability.

Chia Ballz

Sell Sheet

After years of dedicated work with Chia Ballz, I've had the privilege of shaping their brand around the spirited mantra of " Healthy just got fun" and "Got Ballz," a philosophy that champions taking risks in life. This dynamic attitude now propels Chia Ballz evolution into an upscale culinary experience, introducing a unique menu of flavored chia parfaits adorned with enticing toppings. Positioned in refined locations akin to the upscale vibe of places like Pura Vida in South Florida, Chia Ballz parfaits are a fusion of bold flavors, varied textures, and the nutritional goodness of their signature chia products. In these chic settings, Chia Ballz transforms into more than just a snack—it becomes synonymous with a sophisticated twist on healthy indulgence, inviting patrons to savor the blend of upscale elegance and vibrant South Florida living. Whether enjoyed on the go or within the stylish confines of venues like Pura Vida, the Chia Ballz brand redefines the snacking experience, offering a journey of flavor, vitality, and unapologetic boldness.

Chia Ballz


"As the mastermind behind Chia Ballz Co.'s branding, I'm thrilled to witness the incredible journey from conception to conquering South Florida's snack scene. Crafting the distinctive black and white logo with those cheerful chias was more than a design choice – it was about infusing the brand with personality.

Through strategic design and branding decisions, we've elevated Chia Ballz from a concept to a recognized name in farmers markets, juice bars, and the iconic Yellow Green Farmers Market. The success of our Chia Ballz parfaits and snacks is a direct result of the deliberate choices made to merge health and fun.

Seeing the brand become a symbol of joy in every bite is the ultimate payoff. The recognition gained is a testament to the impact of thoughtful design and the fusion of simplicity and playfulness. Here's to the journey so far and the exciting future ahead, where Chia Ballz Co. continues to leave a lasting impression on the world of healthy snacking – all thanks to the power of intentional branding."

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